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The Story

The idea first came to mind in Dec 2015 whilst we were sitting at a restaurant in Engelberg, Switzerland. It had taken us 15 minutes to place an order, 15 minutes to get the bill and finally another 15 minutes for the card machine. 45 minutes of waiting time. We asked ourselves why is there no solution available?

From that point on, the ServeMeNow concept started to grow.

The idea sounded simple at first, a customer ordering and payment app. But the more we researched, spoke to people and drilled down into the business and operational processes, it became clear that it was not just a simple customer solution, but a 360 degree solution, including front of house, fulfillment and management.

A simple ordering process was ditched, because in real life, things are never that simple. If we did not capture the entire possibility of customer behaviour, then we would not get the full picture, and the ServeMeNow product would simply be an ordinary and limited solution, just like the manu current products out on the market today.

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The system is slick and much more advanced than anything I have seen in the years I have been in the industry.

Nick, Director of Operations

ServeMeNow Ltd

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123 Buckingham Palace Road
United Kingdom


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