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Increase your profits

ServeMeNow is a leading edge platform that provides the necessary tools for modern day merchants to tackle the competitive world of the catering industry.

The system is slick and much more advanced than anything I have seen in the years I have been in the industry.

Increase Table Rotation

By allowing customers to order and pay via the customer app, customers can order and pay whenever they are ready without waiting for a member of the service team, on average saving 15-25 minutes per order. Servers also have use the merchant app to directly place orders into the kitchen without the need to walk back to the main billing system.

Reduce Temp Staff

By saving time for servers, the same number of staff can now serve more customers, potentially reducing the need for ramping up staff during peak hours, and saving costs.

Know Your Customers

When an order is placed via the customer app, your serving staff can pull up the customers history at your establishment, and allow your service team to build a stronger relationship with your customers.

What Is ServeMeNow?

ServeMeNow is a table side ordering and payment app for customers and also waiting staff. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, bar or other areas automatically once orders are placed. Customers and waiting staff get live updates as the orders progress up the queue and when the food is ready. After their meal, customers can pay directly and leave the restaurant, or payment can be taken directly by the waiting staff.

Our Service Sectors

This is an example of a Pod Section containing multiple pods. 


The restaurant offering is our flagship product, and really showcases how much more efficient a digitised establishment performs. It connects customers to waiting staff to fulfilment staff to management in real time.

Food Stalls

Food stall set up allows customers to pre-order/pre-pay, catering for the regular customers, or for the undecided who wants to browse before ordering, to order and pay without queuing. Stall owners will be able to plan their order preparations in advance to better manage their team's output.


ServeMeNow is well suited to bars, allowing customers to order and pay direct, and picking up their drinks when notified via the app. Significant time saving is achieved for the establishment, but more importantly, it saves customers time, so that they can focus their attention on their friends, which is the point of meeting up for drinks and not spend it queuing to be served.

Take Aways

Take aways will benefit from customer pre-ordering/pre-pay, as well as improved operational efficiency as delivery and take away orders are channeled through a single platform automatically, significantly reducing manual processes by approximately 15 hours per week.

Product Features


  • Table side ordering for waiting staff
  • Configurable for multi fulfilment points
  • Individual displays for each fulfilment staff with alternate language output
  • Management dashboard with live reports and order management
  • Inventory management
  • Table booking and management


  • Table side ordering and payment at restaurants
  • Pre-order for establishments
  • Single app for use at multiple establishments
  • Platform wide loyalty points

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