Giving you the Gift of Time

We are launching a new service for Foodies to pre-order dine out meals with less hassle, saving time and money.

It's simple, pre-order, pay, turn up, get served, get up and go.

We are giving away up to INR 150 credits to spend at participating restaurants. Sign up to get more information about our launch and where you can spend your credits.

Time is precious, don't waste it waiting! Save time to spend time with your family and friends!

Pre-order and prepay for discounts

Order when you arrive, and pay when you have finished. All through the app.

Earn loyalty credits to user at any of our participating restaurants.

What is ServeMeNow?

ServeMeNow is The App for Foodies. Food, one of the simple pleasures in life, should be eaten fresh from the kitchen.

Use the ServeMeNow App to Pre-Order, hours, days or weeks in advance, and enjoy a premium service from the restaurant when you and your guests show up, knowing that whatever you have ordered will be served. Or if you are being spontaneous, just turn up at the restaurant, check in, and order direct from with the ServeMeNow App. See the how many orders are ahead of you. In a rush? Jump the queue. Eat and pay direct through the App. Good service? No problem, tip the waiter directly, and leave a comment that only other customers can see.

How it works

  • 1

    Choose your restaurant

  • 2

    Book your table

  • 3

    Choose your items

  • 4

    Decide if you want the items to be ready on arrival

  • 5

    Pre-pay for discounts and loyalty credits, or pay at restaurant

  • 6

    Turn up at the restaurant and receive your OTP code to confirm

  • 7

    Get served

  • 8

    Finish and go

Sign up now, and get up to ₹150 credits

For a limited time only, free ₹100 credits to use at any participating restaurant.

Get notified of special deals with exclusive restaurants.

A chance to be selected for our Foodie Vlogs and get rewarded a free meal on us.

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Frequently asked questions?

It is optional, however, to get any discounts offered by the restaurant, pre-pay is required.
Yes, you can change the order, however, you will lose any discount that was given by pre-paying.
The amount will be returned to your credit card within 2 working days after your meal, but there will be a small fee charged by card processing.
For all pre-paid queries, you can call us on 044-4856 0471 or email
No. When ServeMeNow service launches in July, you will get a confirmation email to activate your ServeMeNow account. When that is activated, you will see the credits in your ServeMeNow account. To use them, simply make a pre-order and make a pre-payment. The credits will be deducted from your first bill. You will also earn bonus credits each time you spend, and these can be accumulated.
Not at this point in time. This is something we are considering for the very near future.

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